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Christmas Tree


Tauranga Christmas Tree Farm is a local, family business
Providing Christmas Trees for different Christmas events and functions


The Tauranga Christmas Tree Farm is a local, family run business which grows and nurtures many Christmas Trees every year. Each tree is unique in shape and price, providing a wide range to select from for every customer. We have been in business since we were founded in 1994 by Warwick Gilmour

The Tauranga Christmas Tree Farm have been growing its roots as a local business in Tauranga. Warwick & Christine Gilmour and their seven children have been growing and shaping trees for each individual customer.

Located at 91 Snodgrass Road, Te Puna, Tauranga

Caring for your Christmas Tree

To support your tree

Place your tree in a bucket, surrounding the trunk of the tree with rocks or bricks.


Place your tree in the centre of a Christmas Tree Stand, be sure to screw the bolts in firmly.

To extend the life of your tree

34 fill the bucket with water.

Dissolve 2 asprin or disprin in the water. (this acts as a preservative). Add water to your Christmas Tree regularly as Christmas Trees drink a lot of water.

As an optional additive, pour in 12 a cup of lemonade (provides sugar which feeds the tree), and a tsp of bleach in the water (which will keep the bacterial growth in the water down).

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Phone: (07) 552 4565

Email: [email protected]

Address: 91 Snodgrass Road, Te Puna, Tauranga